What Client’s Say

I was fresh out of college and the new kid on the block at my company when a friend told me about your book. Thanks to your tips and advice, I was able to stand out from the start. In fact, I’ve already been promoted!
Paul B., Augusta, ME
I used your tips and techniques to grow my small business, and in less than two years, despite tough economic times, my company’s revenues have tripled!
Eleanor T., Cincinnati, OH
When the company I work for started laying folks off, I thought for sure I would be getting a pink slip. But my boss told me my customer service skills were way too valuable to let me go. I learned most of what I know from you, Coach. Thanks so much!
Natalie S., Tampa, FL
I work with a lot of couples who are struggling to keep their marriages together, and it’s challenging work. I give them lots of exercises to do as “homework,” and I’d like to say I have a pretty good success rate. Sometimes, though, they see me as the aloof professional, and it can be difficult to get them past that and to open up to me. I have found that your coaching reaches them on a level that I often can’t and opens the door to help me help them.
Theodore R. Ph.D., Milwaukee, WI
I’ve always been painfully shy and had trouble making new friends. But your coaching services taught me how to take baby steps in connecting with others. Now I have great relationships with most of my co-workers and a deep connection with a couple of friends I can’t imagine living without. Thanks!
Saundra G., Ketchum, ID
We all make jokes about in-laws, but I was having serious problems getting along with husband’s parents, and it was no laughing matter. Your book helped me find a way to stop disagreeing all the time and start communicating on a more caring level. Over the past year, our relationship has gone from cordial to close. Amazing!
Teresa N., Knoxville, TN

Coach Todd Reed, CPC

Coach Todd Reed, CPC, is a four-time, award-winning “Broadcaster of the Year” who boasts over two decades of on-air television, radio, and interpersonal coaching experience. From calling the shots as a sports anchor to hosting morning drive time segments and live call-in shows, he has covered the gamut. But The Coach’s true passion and greatest area of expertise lies in Communication & Relationships.

That passion led him to write his first book, Conversation is Sexy, an Amazon.com bestseller that offers tips, tools, and techniques for couples in committed relationships on how to discover/rediscover the joys of being in love. His second book, Revolutionize Your Relationships, offers insider secrets on how to communicate better at work and at home…and reap all the rewards that come with becoming a master communicator.

Coach Todd has recently been a guest on CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates, as well as on over 75 nationally syndicated radio shows. He has also been featured as a relationship expert in national/international publications, including Woman’s World, Men’s Health Singapore and First for Women.

Coach Todd resides in Tucson, Arizona, but travels the world giving keynote speeches, leading seminars, and providing consulting/coaching services in the areas of communication and relationships. For more information on these services, contact The Coach.