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Deck the Halls with Romance and Passion

List making. Mall crawling. Web surfing. No wonder the hustle-bustle of the holidays causes a whopping 60% of couples to experience a romantic slump. As a Communication and Relationships Coach, I say “Bah Humbug” to that! Here are some quick and easy ways to make your love life sizzle this season:

Don’t let frigid temperatures put your love life on ice. In all the hustle-bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to let date nights fall by the wayside, Don’t let it happen! Hire a sitter and plan at least one night to venture out together—whether it’s for cocktails and appetizers, [...]

Six Easy Ways to Jazz Up Date Night

Every couple instinctively knows how important it is to set aside time on a regular basis to touch base, reconnect, and have fun. But as life’s obligations pile up, planning and organizing a date night can feel like, well, yet another thing to add to your growing to-do list. And let’s face it, after a while, date nights can feel so routine.

No more! Try these tips to jazz up your next date night:

Pick a place that’s relatively quiet. It doesn’t have to be pricey, but you don’t want to be surrounded by families with screaming children or a place [...]

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    Survivor: Blood vs. Water Offers Proof of the Power of Vulnerability

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Offers Proof of the Power of Vulnerability

After watching last night’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, I have to give props to my man, Vytas. A couple of episodes ago, when the tribes were randomly switched up, he found himself the sole male on the Galang Tribe. Facing an all-woman alliance, he appeared doomed…and destined for Redemption Island. But this dude had a clever trick up his sleeve. Knowing what women want/like, he proceeded to charm his fellow tribe mates with stories of his bad-boy past and tales of how he had reformed. The women ate it up and found Vytas endearing. Nevertheless if Galang [...]

The Power of Compliments

The power of compliments can’t be measured, but the effect they have on the human psyche is indisputable.

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