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Revolutionize Your Relationships
Hot off the presses: Read Coach Todd’s new book! The boss who never seems to notice how hard you’re working…The coworker who takes credit for your ideas…The overbearing in-law who give you no respect…The BFF who frequently takes advantage of you…The significant other who goes to extremes to avoid conflict. Sound familiar? Get ready to revolutionize your relationships. ALL of them…both at home and at work. The key to success? Sharpening your communication skills!

It’s been proven again and again that communication is the superglue that holds any relationship together. What’s more, the better able you are to communicate with others, the happier and more successful you will be in all arenas of your life. Rewarding and lucrative careers, strong and lasting friendships, meaningful and satisfying romance all hang on this one uniquely human ability. As a Certified Professional Coach and bestselling author, Coach Todd’s tips, tools and techniques have helped thousands revolutionize their relationships, and as a result, transform their quality of life…both professionally and personally. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

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Conversation is Sexy
Conversation is SexyRead Coach Todd’s bestselling book! Communication breakdowns happen to the best of us, and while it’s tempting to want to point fingers, no one is necessarily to blame. Chalk a lot of it up to the everyday stresses of life–work, finances, raising children–that can wear you down and cause exhausted couples to slowly drift apart. The great juggling act of life can also cause that spark you once had to sputter. Throw differences in the ways men and women communicate into the mix as well, and couples can’t help but feel misunderstood…and disconnected. But what if you could re-ignite the attraction, passion, and communication you once had? Coach Todd says you can, and in his bestseller, Conversation is Sexy, he offers tips, tools and techniques that will show you how to sharpen your couple communication skills and rediscover the joy and fun of being in a committed relationship.

Once back on track, there’s a BIG bonus in store for you. Communication can be a powerful aphrodisiac! Yes, conversation IS sexy! Coach Todd will not only show you how communication can remove barriers to intimacy, but how, through the simple act of conversation, you can feel the passion and excitement of falling head-over-heels in love…all over again!

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Coach Todd's Book of Love Coupons
Communicate and connect with the one you love most without uttering a single word! Use this book of 50 (downloadable/printable) fun—and sexy—coupons to get closer, get something off your chest, or to get those sparks flying!

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Personal One-on-One Coaching with Coach Todd Reed, CPC
One-on-One with Coach ToddYou’ve read Coach Todd’s bestseller, Conversation is Sexy, and your relationship has turned a corner…but you’re still not quite where you want to be. Or you’ve read Revolutionize Your Relationships and your career is still not where you want it to be. What you need is some personal coaching from “The Coach.” If you think the tips, tools and techniques he shares in his books were helpful, wait until you see him work his magic in person or by phone! Clients call Coach Todd “warm, witty, no-nonsense, and super effective.” In fact, hundreds of couples credit him with saving their marriage; many others credit him for helping them find ways to stand out at work and land promotions and pay raises. Let Coach Todd work his magic on your relationship or career. And if it’s your marriage that needs help, you can work with “The Coach” as an individual or as a couple…your choice.

  • $297 for three half-hour coaching sessions by phone, plus signed copies of Coach Todd’s two books
  • $4997 for two one-hour coaching sessions in person, plus signed copies of Coach Todd’s two books (does not include Coach Todd’s travel expenses if applicable)
  • $697 for two  one-hour coaching sessions in person, plus three half-hour follow-up coaching sessions by phone, plus signed copies of Coach Todd’s two books (does not include Coach Todd’s travel expenses if applicable)

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Coach Todd can customize a package to suit your specific needs. To discuss the best strategy for your situation, please call 406.396.7755 or 706.255.9301.

Important: Coach Todd is a Certified Professional Relationship and Communication Coach, and all of your conversations with him are kept strictly confidential.

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Conversation is Sexy Audiobook
Conversation is Sexy Audio Book By popular demand, Coach Todd Reed’s bestselling book, Conversation is Sexy, is now available as an Audiobook. Listen to his amazing tips, tools and techniques guaranteed to improve your relationship while driving or relaxing at home.

$9.95 + shipping & handling