Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success. - Paul J. Meyer

Coach Todd Reed Seminar Series

From seminars and workshops, to keynote speeches and panel discussions, audience feedback for Coach Todd has been phenomenal. Clients call him “Entertaining!” “Informative!” “Dynamic!” “Engaging!” “Charismatic!” and “FUN!” Check out the small sampling of of the many topics he covers. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, Contact Coach Todd. He will CUSTOMIZE a presentation designed not only to fit your specific needs, but to wow your audience… guaranteed!


Work and Business/Career Coaching/College Students/Personal Relationships

Closing the Deal: 7 Communication Secrets Every Salesperson Must Know
Despite today’s fast-paced and increasingly competitive environment, some things never change. Study after study shows that the key to increasing sales and maximizing profits requires establishing and building relationships with clients. And this holds true no matter what business you’re in. To achieve this goal requires going back to the basics and learning how to talk the (right) talk, read body language accurately (and respond accordingly, and listen like you mean it. BONUS:  How the “rules” change when selling to men vs. selling to women.

The New Normal: Managing and Motivating Generation Y
The shift of today’s younger employment force from Generation X to Generation Y (aka “Millenials”) presents challenges for managers. The old hierarchy doesn’t cut it anymore. Millenials have philosophies and expectations that go against the grain of an older work force, and managing, motivating and retaining this new generation of talent requires thinking “outside the job.” Coach Todd shares how to do just that.

He Says, She Says...We Can WORK It Out!
According to a recent survey that asked 2,300 male and female executives to rank the biggest obstacles they faced at work, “communication with the opposite sex” topped the majority of both men’s and women’s lists. Sound familiar? Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but your company must thrive and profit on Planet Earth. Take a journey inside the male/female mind to discover what causes misunderstandings at work, then learn win-win strategies that not only bridge gender gaps but also level the playing field and increase productivity.

Put An End to Job Hopping!
Every time you lose a good employee, your company will have to foot the bill for another search, another round of interviews and another six months of on-the-job training. Ouch! If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to retaining your best and brightest employees, here it is.

Talk the Talk; Walk the Walk: A College Student's Road Map To Reaching Your Goals
In this presentation, full of “aha” moments, Coach Todd helps students unlock the secrets to leading and succeeding on campus. From persuasive communication techniques they can use to influence others, to understanding (and putting into practice) the power of body language and nonverbal communication, this mini course covers the gamut.

The Power of Words: How to Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
It’s a no-brainer that words matter big time when you’re trying to get your point across. But when it comes to succeeding as a leader on campus or in the community, mastering the ability to communicate effectively (i.e., on different levels) with various personality types is critical. Coach Todd shares the tricks of this trade so college students will be able to talk their way to success in any situation.

Real World 101: A Crash Course in Landing Your Dream Job
So, you’re about to graduate and your resume rocks, but when it comes to acing an interview, you’re clueless. You’ve spent so much of your college life texting, tweeting and instant messaging that wowing a potential employer face-to-face feels, well, downright scary. To the rescue: Coach Todd, who in this interactive presentation, shows students how to stand out, shine, and come out winners.

Get in the Game
If you want to hit a grand slam in your career, you need a way to get noticed. In this presentation, Coach Todd provides tips and techniques that will show you how to:

  • Be a star and a team player (yes, it’s possible to do both)
  • Use verbal and nonverbal communication to be a cleanup hitter
  • Dodge communication pitfalls so you never have to play Monday morning quarterback
  • Pinch hit when you’ve stumbled
  • Up the ante during performance appraisals…and get the raise you deserve
Fast Track Your Way to the Top: A Crash Course in Leadership
Competition for top jobs in today’s workplace has become fiercer than ever. How to separate yourself from the pack so you get noticed and promoted? Become a leader! The good news is that leaders are not born; they are made. Master proven leadership strategies, tips and techniques from those who have climbed the corporate ladder at a record pace.

Cracking the Gender Code
Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Absolutely! Gender differences affect almost every aspect of our lives—from the boardroom to the bedroom. They explain why so much can get “lost in translation” when you and your significant other communicate, as well as why either or both of you can often feel misunderstood—and disconnected. In this seminar, Coach Todd will:

  • Explain why men and women tend to be motivated by different things and have different needs
  • Share the (often) hidden messages behind what “he says” and “she says”
  • Crack the gender code so that you can finally understand what makes each other tick…and what turns each other on
  • Show you how embracing your differences can propel you to new levels of understanding and intimacy
The Buffet of Love
It would be foolish to think that a vibrant love life is the only ingredient to a successful relationship, but it is potentially the most important one. This seminar offers a smorgasbord of tips on how to spice up your love life, including: how mixing up the menu can reawaken your taste buds, why “appetizers” should always be on the menu, how music can work wonders (tune it in, turn it up, and let it turn you on) and why you should always save room for “dessert”

Love & Romance: The 'AHA' Factor
Rediscover the joy and fun of being in a committed relationship. In this seminar, Coach Todd will have you saying, “Wow, I never realized that!” over and over again by sharing “aha” moments that include how: kissing with your eyes open can pump up the passion in your relationship, jealousy can bring you closer together (for real!), a simple text message or email exchange can lead to a passionate evening, revealing your vulnerable side can take your relationship to a whole new level, replacing “I love you, babe” with a more creative phrase can rev up your romance tenfold, and how/why men need only 2-3 seconds, but women typically require 20 minutes to get “in the mood.”

What Client’s Say

Coach Todd visited our campus twice, and I’ve never seen college students more captivated with a speaker. His presentation is chock full of ‘aha’ moments.
Maria Nelson, Gainesville Community College
Coach Todd is a charismatic and dynamic speaker with a real gift for connecting with people. His tips and advice are refreshing and memorable, but what makes him such a joy to listen to is his keen sense of humor.
Robert Veroulis, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Coach Todd spoke at our campus wide fraternity and sorority event. He shared some eye opening information. We’ve already booked him for a return visit.
Bobby Cockerille, Virginia Commonwealth University
Coach Todd was a guest speaker at our corporate leadership retreat. Everyone was dreading this annual event because profits were way down, morale was at an all time low, and we’d been having a lot of infighting among our management staff. But Coach Todd shared some fascinating team building exercises with us, and months later, we continue to reap the rewards of his efforts.
Eileen Holt, Human Resources, The Duncan Company
In our civic club, we are accustomed to dynamic speakers, but Coach Todd’s presentation was off the charts!
Joseph Hill, Rotary Club, Atlanta, GA